We Believe

We believe we will be led by the Spirit to validate our next moves. We will not follow Church teaching until the power is removed and we, together, will move forward for a better world.


Scripture:  the source of our work

Scripture is a kind of manual for life.  It tells us what God expects of us by exemplifying the message in lived experience stories.  It defines the values that followers of Jesus are to embrace and engage in.  Values, unchanging principles, are important to life.  

New Testament messages taken from Jesus’ teaching are:

  • Generositythe core of all values demonstrating kindness and unselfishness in all things.  (Proverbs 22:9)
  • Courage:  confidence and boldness (the opposite of fear). (Joshua 1:9)
  • Love:  often another name for Jesus…as it is who God is and who we are called to become.  (John 4:19)
  • Respect: We show respect to all because God created all people in His image.  (1 Peter 2:17)
  • Hope: This value demonstrates our assurance in God and are confident of all our expectations.  (Proverbs 23:18)
  • Peace: This is a gift from God and refers to the ability to live in tranquility and rest.  (Romans 14:19)

We were called to be in prayer to fulfill our Baptismal mission for our lives.

Welcome Back

Everything is where you left it.