Transformation – A sign of the Times

These are globally chaotic times taxing everyone’s ability to plan.  The Pandemic has changed us and is a historic disrupter in our lifestyle, work habits, leisure time, communication patterns, relationships, and the choices we made or are still making. 

Some of these decisions were made from external stimuli (lockdowns, freedoms that we never thought possible before, limited access to items we traditionally bought because of the supply chain crisis, strains of Covid appearing just when we thought freedom was on the horizon, and working from home and for some home schooling the little ones at the same time).  This instability is taking its toll.

Stress is hospitalizing many because there is no certainty anywhere.  At the onset of the Pandemic a study was published citing 63% of Americans were stressed by uncertainty while 49% felt that future planning seems impossible.  Drug use has skyrocketed and suicides have increased.  The American culture is being reshaped and is reshaping us.

Welcome Back

Everything is where you left it.