Our Purpose Complements the Synod's Purpose

We believe that we were all put on this earth with a call to contribute to the common good. That call is often a whisper, a fleeting thought, an impulse that pops seemingly out of nowhere. Some respond to that call; some have doubts about their abilities to fulfill that call, and others respond with “What call?”

As members of the ACC, our bold values are honesty, integrity, and strategic action. These values drive all our beliefs, behaviors, and actions. We are authentic optimists in seeing Spirit-filled opportunities beyond perceived barriers. Pope Francis invites us “to become a community of inquirers creating the space for love to grow in ourselves and in our communities, foregoing our fears, worries and discouragements to live our faith every hour of every day.”

As people of faith, the glue that binds us in these chaotic times is community. Even gangs form because of a basic need to be accepted by others despite an ill-advised direction. Dr. Margaret Wheatley, an expert in chaos theory, validates our perspective that within all chaos is a call to change and seek order. Natural periods of disturbance occur where life is seeking order. With everything around us changing, it is logical to assume that we, too, are called to change. This was our prompt to develop The Peoples Synod, an event that looks at a world that is “alive, creative, and experimenting with possibilities… People are intelligent. We’re creative, we seek order, we seek meaning in our lives. When we really start to understand this, when we really start to change our perception of who people are, then it changes how we think about organizing.” (Dr. Margaret Wheatley)

This transformative era allows us choices to go with the flow or to radically move in a healthier direction. Perhaps this time of disturbance is the cry of a broken people stuck in a morass of negativity. We can begin a new journey as thinking adults building our own lives directed by the universal call to love one another and be loved in return. Life decisions made through discernment reflect our having been created in God’s likeness, gifted beyond our imagination to make a difference when it is badly needed. Together we can create a legacy of love if we work together because we are intrinsically connected as a community of faith, the glue that binds us in these chaotic times. There is power in that.

Together we will define that needed order we are called to establish and act on it as it relates to ourselves, our family, our relationships, and our region in this nation.

Come and learn the power of Circle; come and build relationships with collaborative solutions to become APOSTLES in our own land! Questions? 

Do not hesitate to call: (847-366-2761)