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The Innovative Church...

Clarity is needed for action to be possible !

The chosen name for this site is not whimsical; Vatican II left us with a new role definition for the People of God.  Pope John XXIII (Second Vatican Council) elevated our role by stating that we are the church, not the institution.  The hierarchy discredited this new role by attempting to “translate” it as something less than was intended; we are resurrecting it and working toward specificity.  This website is designed as interactive and life-giving and as a local support to Catholics to live our values intentionally.  We choose not to rehash the sins of the past because they are history and they keep us stuck in quicksand; our focus is futuristic experiencing unrealized hopes and dreams to be realized together.

What does “being church” mean to the people and how does that impact our definition of self, family and community?  Within that definition lies our personal mission; clarity is needed for action to be possible.  We may ask ourselves whether church is a construct reflecting thinking and action framed in a set of values for those committed to live those values? OR… Is it an institution governing a people with practices and teachings inviting all to salvation? We have an innate ability to think for ourselves, to create and to be innovative in how we express and live our faith. Since we have been named “church”, we are by default architects of a model., an outcome reflecting our values founded on LOVE.  These tumultuous times need a calming, rational option.  

Our website will encourage Catholics to think

Our website will encourage Catholics to think, to reach out to new horizons together naming the dreams for our faith.  The work will be slow as we call on the Spirit for guidance every step of the way.  We believe the outcome of this journey will bring immense joy for us all.  We encourage practices adding creative dimensions to our faith bringing us to a mature understanding of our mission in life.  We boldly invite those who have walked away from the institution to examine its foundation of love.  Our work is not intended to proselytize but to amplify our understanding of what it means to be Catholic and refine that identity to practical consequences.


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