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Come! Together We Can Make a Difference!

faith and religion grapevine Pope Francis repeatedly invites us to a New Evangelization and in this 

Year of the Laity . We, the American Catholic Council, boldly accept Francis’ many invitations by developing the first-ever, national, ecumenical Peoples Synod.

Our faith is stronger than the institution. Join us as we dialogue about our common heritage, the very foundation of our faith and the life we create for ourselves through that faith. It’s all about LOVE; it was Jesus’ simple message! Let’s make our faith intentional and collectively be the force of light in our dark, violent, destructive world where hurting people hurt people. 

The mission of the Synod is:

  • To celebrate the WISDOM of the People
  • To discover a path to “be Church as the People of God” (Vatican II)
  • To celebrate the INFLUENCE of the People on the future of the leadership & management of our church 
  • Lay the groundwork for a new governance model of Church that engages the giftedness of the People

The Peoples Synod will be facilitated by The Circle Way:


Our reflection, conversation, and discovery will be guided by engaging a process of community that creates, and holds, space for every voice to be heard and for wisdom to emerge in surprising and transforming ways.  Though we gather from every corner of the world, we gather around a sacred Center with the shared intention to offer what we can to benefit the whole.  We listen for Spirit within us and within one another, suspending judgment and welcoming mystery and transformation.  Our facilitators, Robin Caruthers and Melissa Bailey-Kirk, come to us with many years of experience in the process called The Circle Way, and will be supporting our work together.  

You can discover more about The Circle Way at