Innovation and sustainability within the Church

SUSTAINABILITY Pope Francis requested two criteria, innovation and sustainability, be used in developing our response to the Synod on Synodality.  Both provide their own challenge.  Church and innovation appear to be experientially contradictory.  One has a “don’t think, just follow” foundation while the other has a creative, free-thinking explosion of “what-ifs” paralleling child-like day-dreaming. Did […]


There appears to be the hand (wing?) of the Spirit in Pope Francis’ announcement of the New Evangelization announced early in his Papacy.  What is important is that he never defined the terms when announced.  Some have attempted to define it?  Others, conditioned to wait…did.  Is it because he wants to tickle our imaginations? To […]


Pope Francis

Following Pope Benedict’s resignation/retirement, we watched to witness the election of his successor.  The primary responsibility of the Cardinals following Benedict’s stepping down was to hold a series of meetings discussing the needs of the Vatican and the People of God.   They call upon the Holy Spirit for wisdom in reviewing potential candidates for […]


A decade ago, no one could have predicted that a Pope would acknowledge a need for the Peoples’ opinion on anything.  Yet, here we are at that very moment.  We are being called to a new world order where power is shared with us in consultation let alone a change in the institution.  The Holy […]

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