Building Deep Relationships

We believe that our faith is all about building right relationships, relationships that are healthy, where trust and respect exist, and where partners invest in the relationship and compromise potential exists.  

It is derived from the Principle of Oneness, retribution the interconnectedness of all things and an inability to compartmentalize people.  There is equality present and power over one another does not exist.  The equality is most evident when people can make their own decisions with no fear of retribution.

Relationships.  To look at Scripture as a whole, it is all about relationships:  the good, bad and ugly.  Catholic Social Teaching demonstrates right relationships with God, with others and with the earth.  Relationships at home, at the office, in the neighborhood, in our city or village—basically everywhere.  Practically speaking, do we acknowledge by name the checkout clerks, the wait staff, the Uber driver?  That’s where right relationships could begin with the very people we pass through as though they were invisible.  

 Placing the commandment of love as the centerpiece of our being human and keeping the other commandments, is what right relationships.  A recent article in the National Catholic Reporter helped me recognize how foundational this is in the practice of our faith.  Simply said the Sign of the Cross, this simple gesture that we pass through mindlessly.  Let’s get mindful about our faith!  As we practice this gesture, let’s reaffirm our commitment to the Father, our neighbors on the right and left and the Spirit who ignites us to act in this way.

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