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Artificial Intelligence (AI)


We’re at a serious Crossroads in our lives. Technology is racing forward at an unstoppable speed, a speed so rapid that we don’t understand it. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is said to be the greatest invention in world history.  Some fear it. So I asked AI to identify the strengths, fears, and weaknesses of AI technology for those unfamiliar with it.  In less than 2 seconds, this is what arrived.

First, we must be aware that there is a synergistic effect of tech and culture because they affect one another. The effects are both good and bad. As tech advances and its debut is showcased in society, the cultural effect of this tech is measured by consumer responses. As cultures change, as they always will, tech adapts and innovates from a new starting point. There can be no denying that tech has influenced how we communicate with one another. We get our news faster now than when we were reading the morning paper.

Innovations are countless and are continually marketed to us. Everything is impacted by tech today because it is deeply embedded in our society and many contend that it is already dictating our path as a civilization to good or bad is yet to be determined. There is a darker side to our dependence on tech because, for all of us to a greater or lesser degree, we are addicted.

The effects of innovation and change have had a profound across industries and aspects of society, namely in increased automation, and the growth of digital platforms and services. The pressure on businesses is significant because they are forced to adapt quickly to remain competitive. Individuals have introduced tech into their daily lives in unprecedented ways reshaping the way we work, communicate, access needed information, and conduct business.

A friend recently commented on this phenomenon and the billionaire, Elon Musk, by saying “I believe Elon will be remembered as the contemporary Michaelangelo of our time because of his ability to see beyond what we see translating that vision to an innovative solution is genius. The man does not tweak what is; he blasts a new reality out of it. For example, he saw check writing as a useless repetitive function and invented PayPal. He saw potential in the space race and launched over 4,000 (his goal of sending 42,000 satellites out by yearend for better internet coverage).

Unique to Musk is he doesn’t settle for a better product, he changes an entire industry.

“When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness”

Joseph  Campbell

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